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Kith-Kanan (Oct ’97 – Present) was one of the founding members of Ancrik. At the dawn of Myth, he went by the name Vinas Solamnus, changing when Ancrik decided to incorporate the order’s name into their own name. As a founder and a very active player, Kith was one of a couple obvious choices for Ancrikulus (leader) when it was decided that a leader should be chosen. As it turned out, he was the first and only Ancrikulus to be chosen. Kith has maintained the website throughout his time in Ancrik, though it did fall from his mind for a short time while he enjoyed a ride through 25,000 hits at Mythics. At present he works on updating the website, and leads Ancrik in every way necessary. He can be seen on Bungie.net relatively frequently.

Update: Kith has stopped playing Myth, but will always be our Founder and inspiration.

Mr. Cecil Smatts KL (Oct ’97 – Dec ’97; Aug ’98 – Present) was another founder of Ancrik. In fact, Cecil came up with both the name for the order, and the name for the order’s leader (ancrikulus). For a time, Cecil went by the name Guernica, so that Ancrik could fit into his name, but when he quit the order in late december, to start another, smaller order known as Third Hour (since disbanded), he returned to his full name. Cecil, for a time, helped Kith with some of the intricacies of the website, however when this became no longer necessary, he stopped. During his time in Ancrik, Cecil established and directed the since departed Ancrik News Letter. After returning to the world of Myth in August, he redesigned the site for us. He currently spends most of his time working in the real world, though he can occasionally be spotted on Bungie.net, chatting with people, or playing Myth.

Cryptic (Oct ’97 – Dec ’97) was another of Ancrik’s founders. He was a very active player during his time in Ancrik, however shortly after moving to Third Hour, his interest in Myth began to decline. While in Ancrik, he participated in order events and added his touch to the website, by developing a spectacular logo and finding a Java applet to add lighting effects. At present he is rarely, if ever, found on Bungie.net.

Gambit (Oct ’97 – Dec ’97) was another founder of Ancrik. He was an active player, and he became very involved in the small order battles in which Ancrik participated. He enjoyed team games and most often teamed with Cryptic to conquer the competition at Territories on If I had a Trow. He can presently be found on Bungie.net from time to time.

Plaeir (Oct ’97 – Dec ’97) was the final in the group of five founders of Ancrik. He participated in only a small number of games during his time in Ancrik, due to the fact that he had no where to play it for the larger portion of his membership. In December, he became a member of Third Hour. After his time in Third Hour, Plaeir moved on to participate in his own loosely based order. He still plays occasionaly, though the name and order with which he is associated is unknown.

Nameless (Nov ’97 – Jan ’98; Sep ’98 – Present) was the first of Ancrik’s recruits. Kith-Kanan and Cecil asked him if he would be interested in joining after seeing a large amount of skill displayed in a couple of games they played. Nameless was an active member in Ancrik for a while, finally quitting when he took a break away from Myth to play Starcraft, sometime in Mid-January just after the Great Ancrik Breakup. He has since seen the light and again favors Myth over Starcraft by a landslide. After returning to Myth, it was only natural for Nameless to return to Ancrik as well, and he was soon back in the order that he helped make great.

Update: Nameless has not been seen on Bungie.net for a long time, and is presumed to be retired from Myth.

Polaris (Nov ’97 – Jan ’98) was the first to ask to join Ancrik. He sent an email to Kith and was then asked to meet online sometime for some tests. He did reasonably well in these tests and was gladly accepted into Ancrik. For a short time, he was a very active member, however computer problems came up and put a stop to his playing some time in early December. He returned in late December and began playing with Nameless, Infector, and Sephiroth. He left in January, disgusted with the actions of Infector and Sephiroth. Since then, to our knowledge, he hasn’t played much.

Pimpy (Dec ’97 – Jan ’98) asked to join Ancrik in early December. He emailed Kith and they set up a time and played. Pimpy passed his tests with flying colors and soon rose to be one of Ancrik’s strongest players. He started theIV and rose to the top of the leaderboard for quite a time. Pimpy left Ancrik in mid-January, during and, directly due to, the Great Ancrik Breakup. It was thought by the Three (Pimpy, Cthulu, and eventually Zaatar) that Ancrik was too large. Because of this, a decision was made by The Three and the Ancrikulus to drop some members. Few had done anything wrong, but there were several who were informed that they had been evicted from Ancrik. Rethinking this due to the lack of reason, Kith-Kanan (the Ancrikulus) told most of those who had been dropped that it was a mistake in his judgement, and that they would be welcome to stay members of Ancrik. The Three were outraged, and they left Ancrik to start Fury. Later, Fury and Ancrik became allies, until Fury died out. Since then, Pimpy had been seen working as a webmaster at Mythics, however his passion for the site failed and he began focusing more and more on college life. He can rarely be seen on Bungie.net

Cthulu666 (Dec ’97 – Jan ’98) was a friend of Pimpy’s. Shortly after Pimpy joined, Cthulu’s case was looked into and he was asked to join. Cthulu was a very strong player, and the team he and Pimpy presented was all but unstoppable. It was a dual effort between Pimpy and Cthulu666 that brought the Ancrikulus to lead Ancrik, and they were part of the Three, the Ancrikulus’s advisors. This contribution brought order to the growing mass of Ancrik. He left during the Great Ancrik Breakup, and participated in Fury for a time. When the order of Fury faded away, Cthulu faded out of Myth.

Akiko (Dec ’97 – Jan ’98) joined Ancrik in mid-December. He was an active player, for a time. In early January, he went on a vacation. Upon returning, he did not return to Myth. Whether he plays now, the name he would be using, and the order he might be affiliated with are all unknown.

AEnima (Dec ’97 – June ’98) was asked repeatedly to join Ancrik, throughout a long serious of games that he and Kith and Cecil played (stretching out from Myth’s release in November). Finally he accepted, and no tests were necessary. AEnima was a normal member, talented and frequently seen on Bungie.net, until the Great Ancrik Breakup. Few members were staying, and Kith was about to quit, but AEnima was determined to keep Ancrik going, and convinced Kith to stay. He was an easy choice for a member of the new Three, and with his help Ancrik was rebuilt through various recruits and tests. AEnima continued to play a major part in Ancrik until he quit in June during the Second Breakup to join BoT, thinking that Ancrik was again dying as Kith again prepared to resign. He is now rarely online, but supports the tag of BoT when he does make it to bungie.net.

Gr8atakr (Dec ’97 – Jan ’98) joined Ancrik after playing a number of games with Mr. Cecil Smatts KL. He was recruited and he became an active player. A grudge emerged between Gr8 and Pimpy, and Gr8 was voted out, just before the Great Ancrik Breakup. With a formal apology, Kith asked Gr8 to return to the order, but he wasn’t interested. He thought he would take a break from Myth for a while, but fortunately hard feelings were avoided. His status on Myth at present is unknown.

Sephiroth (Dec ’97 – Jan ’98) joined Ancrik in mid-December. He was one of Ancrik’s most active players, and he was quite skilled. He quickly rose to the foreground, playing several games with most of the rest of the members, and even taking on 6 DC and winning at Territories on If I had a Trow. In early January, things turned bad and Seph began cheating to rise faster on the leaderboard. When this led directly to Polaris quitting the order, Kith had the proof he needed to feel right about banning Sephiroth. Afterward, Sephiroth joined WoD for a time, before finally settling on going solo, with a new name.

Sid The Gr8 (Dec ’97 – June ’98) joined Ancrik at the height of the wars with DC, in mid-December. He did excellent in his test games against Kith, becoming the first and only member ever to defeat Kith in all of the test games. Sid was an active member, and a talented one, until he left Ancrik to join Fury in the Great Ancrik Breakup. He asked to stay on for tournament play until the present tournament, The Camelot Cup, had finished, and by the time it was over, he was a member again. This time his membership lasted until June and the Second Breakup, when he, along with several others, left Ancrik after Kith had announced his departure. Kith stayed, but most of the others did not. Sid moved on to join e.i. but quickly found that this didn’t suit his tastes and moved on to a.p. and then to BMF. He is currently still in BMF and is often on Bungie.net.

Zaatar (Dec ’97 – Jan ’98) joined Ancrik in mid-December, after a long period of repeated invites. He was infact the first person invited to join Ancrik, however he delayed joining for a long period of time. When Zaatar finally made up his mind to join, he did it just in time to replace Cecil as a member of The Three. Zaatar left Ancrik to join Fury in the Great Ancrik Breakup. His whereabouts and Myth habits since then are unknown.

Infector (Dec ’97 – Jan ’98) joined Ancrik in late December. He was an active member, and played many games with the others of our active crew. The most active member at that time was Sephiroth, and so Infector and Sephiroth ended up playing several games together. Somehow, they brought each other down, and both became caught up in a web of cheating for rank. Sadly, both great players had to be banned from Ancrik. Infector has since turned his playing habits around and aspires to great heights in the membership of DE.

Update: Infector re-joined Ancrik around Dec 99, and is a valued and active member.

Big Bootae (Jan ’98 – May ’98 – Present) joined Ancrik just before the Great Ancrik Breakup. He, AEnima, and Kith-Kanan were pretty much the only ones remaining after the Breakup was finished, and so it was natural for Bootae to rise to the level of 2nd of the Three. He was an active member and a strong player until he faded from the world of myth, becoming more interested in real life and in chess. With the release of Myth 2, Bootae returned to the world of Myth, and again showed himself as a strong and active player. Unfortunately, he again faded away from Myth as the shine of Myth 2 wore off and other aspects of life returned to the forefront of his interest.

Loco (Jan ’98 – Present) joined Ancrik as a skilled recruit with the name of Crazy Horse, needed to fill up the ranks after the Breakup. He was skilled, and he seemed pretty cool, so we invited him to join. Little did we know what we were in for. Caballo Loco became one of Ancrik’s most active member’s and was soon holding a position as 3rd of the Three. When Bootae faded away, Loco rose to 2nd of the Three. He was present at nearly all of the games held online. Then, in the summer, Loco established a nightly playing session and led Ancrik in all but title through times in which Kith, having no working CD rom, was merely a ghost. He replaced AEnima as first of the Three, and it was certainly a position which he earned. When Ancrik was crossing the one year line, Loco came up with the idea of having a two-day tournament, The Ancrik Birthday Bash. He and Kith worked together on the organizing, and Loco donated the prize of 8 mb ram. The tournament was a success, and Loco mailed out the ram to the winner during the following week. Loco is also responsible for the Ancrik membership certificates that all of our present members enjoy. He currently plays nearly every night, and, in fact, finds it necessary to give a reason if he misses a playing session.

Update: When Kith resigned Loco became our new Ancrikulus.

Hermes (Jan ’98 – Feb ’98) was another of the recruits gathered in an effort to rebuild Ancrik. He was a skilled an active member, but only for a short time. Then Hermes slipped away into the darkness of Starcraft, and has seldom been seen since.

Exit (Feb ’98 – May ’98) could be politely termed as Ancrik’s rebel member. He started out as one of the rebuild recruits, with Kith eagerly doing everything he could to convince Exit to join. They played nearly every afternoon, and eventually Exit was convinced to make Ancrik his first order. Exit continued to be a pivotal player in the order’s events, such as the various tournaments, until a family tragedy nearly drove him off the edge. He became somewhat out of control for a period of about a week, posting things on forums and saying things on bungie.net that made even non-members of Ancrik more than a little concerned. Once he came to, Exit hated the thought of how he had possibly tarnished the images of Ancrik and it’s members, and attempted to resign his membership. We held on to him, and eventually he was his old self again. Then he finally did leave, during the Second Breakup.

Lord Oz (March ’98 – March ’99) joined Ancrik as it was regaining some of it’s former glory. Ancrik had compensated for the loss of so many members with a combonation of a few choice additions nearly constant Bungie.net exposure. It became almost hard to get online without seeing an Ancrik, and Oz was a welcome, if less active, addition to the group. As time passed, other members came and went, and Oz held on. Finally, after the Second Breakup, he began playing with greater frequency. Holding the order together through a crisis brought Oz out of his hole, and he has remained an active player since then. He can still be seen on a nearly nightly basis in the 8:00 pm Ancrik games.

Update: Oz quit again a long time back. April 1999 or so?

Update: Oz has joined the Army! His experience with Myth strategy and tactics will surely serve him well in the armed forces. The army is lucky to have him, let the enemies of freedom beware!

Cloud15 (March ’98 – Present) began playing games with Ancrik during Booty’s time of frequent games. As a member of the Alliance, Cloud demonstrated superiour skill and loyalty. Alliance fell apart, and Cloud became orderless. Then Booty left, and Cloud faded from our minds. He, however, didn’t pass out of it completely, and when he later asked to join, we were happy to test him and vote him in. Cloud became active for a short time after his membership started, but then he entered a somewhat passive state, not returning to Myth until the Second Breakup, when his participation played a large part in keeping Ancrik off of its deathbed. Once Ancrik was firmly on its feet, Cloud was once again rarely seen. He became such a ghost that the rest of our members considered him gone completely, and he was removed from our members page. Finally, Cloud returned to play in mid-October, and was an active member for quite some time before again fading in to the shadows of Myth.

Update: Cloud is still very active on Myth TFL and even makes an occasional appearance on MII.

Frog in a box (April ’98 – June ’98) joined Ancrik after an extended period of cooperative games. He rose in the order as one of our most entertaining and highly skilled players until he finally left during the Second Breakup.

Tyman (May ’98 – May ’98) joined Ancrik soon after leaving DC. He was quickly accepted, as we had already seen impressive evidence of his skill in various order games. Tyman was active, but for a short time. He began to spend much less of his Bungie.net time with Ancrik, and finally left altogether, and, after a short time, he rejoined DC.

Ol’ Dirtae (June ’98 – Aug ’98) joined Ancrik with a very high vote of confidence from Exit, ironically just as Exit left. Exit was not mistaken, as OD became a very active member, both on and off Bungie.net. It was OD who first got us Ancriks interested in redoing the site, he was a very strong influence on the format of our member’s page and he also did many of the member’s name graphics. Additionally, he was a key official in holding Ancrik together during Kith’s lack of a CD Rom. He rose to the position of 2nd of the Three quickly. Along with his rise, he brought a rise in Ancrik’s position in several tournaments, as he became one of our strongest strategists. Sadly enough, OD’s passion for Myth began to fade after a series of incidents on Bungie.net. He took an absence from the Myth world, and left Ancrik, returning to Myth only when Myth II came out, and then doing so entirely separate from Ancrik.

Update: OD rejoined in late 99/early 00 for about a month, then disappeared again.

Sebek (June ’98 – Present) first tried out for Ancrik in late February of 1998. It was after Ancrik had returned to our position of active glory, and there was a surge of people wanting in. Testing became a thing that occupied nearly all of members’ Bungie.net time, and fewer people got in, as a result of the whole supply and demand concept. Sebek was, unfortunately, one of those who missed out. He tried out again in March, but again he was turned down. June saw Ancrik with a much decreased membership count, and it saw Sebek with a increase in skill, largely due to the experience gained in the months between his tests. Since then, Sebek has made Ancrik proud. He was a key player in several games of the summer’s DC tournament in which Ancrik defeated the hosting order, DC. Sebek can now be seen with relative frequency attending the nightly Ancrik games in addition to frequent gaming during weekday afternoons.

Update: Hasn’t been seen for some time, since about Jan 2000. Status: inactive.

Eagleye (June ’98 – Present) was the final of Ancrik’s recovery recruits after the Second Breakup. He demonstrated superb skill, and showed flexibility as he even came to beat Kith at Hot Potato (the variant which Kith invented). As Eagle’s online presence grew, so did his affect on Ancrik. He became a key player in each of the tournaments in which the order participated. Eventually, Eagle was appointed Third of the Three, and upon Ol’ Dirtae’s resignation, he moved up to Second.

Update: Eagleye resigned from his position as Second of the Three, but is still a valued and active player.

Pele (Aug ’98 – Present) entered into Ancrik on an off note. He was tested and approved by most of the members, but then came his game against Ol’ Dirtae. OD chose to test Pele on StB Grave 1v1. Seeing OD start on the hill, with possession of the ball, Pele quickly commenced attack. The attack lead to success, and the game finished with Pele winning with 65% of his troops left against OD’s 0%. His quick attack, however, was seen as a sort of newbie rush by OD, and his membership was initially denied. Eventually, the situation was worked out, and Pele became a member. As OD began to fade away from the passion of Myth, and his passion of redeveloping the website, Pele’s interest rose. He quickly picked up the torch and became the order’s leading website enthusiast, responsible for finding Arkham to produce the page’s CGI-scripts, and for searching out a server on which to host Ancrik.com. When OD left the order, Pele’s enthusiasm and participation brought him to the position of Third of the Three, which he still holds.

Update: Pele is now First of the Three..

Ravenstorm (Aug ’98 – March ’99) joined during approximately the same time period as Pele. He became an active member and played frequently during the summer months and into the fall. As the school year progressed, however, interests in school and especially in soccer came to present frequent conflicts and Raven’s Myth playing became less and less frequent. Finally, in March, he left the order with his friend, Lord Oz.

Predator (Sep ’98 – Present) joined Ancrik with Eagleye’s strong prompting. He quickly showed himself as an especially talented player, and aided Kith in the final stages of hosting MESRA. Since his initial entrance, Predator hasn’t let up at all. He remains one of Ancrik’s strongest players, and frequently demonstrates his skill by captaining the orders team games.

Aracona (Oct ’98 – Present) first came to know Ancrik in early October, when he was one of the participants in the Ancrik Birthday Bash. He won the tournament and, after a review of his skills and manner, was invited to join. Since joining, Aracona has demonstrated additional skill, and not exclusively in Myth. Ara’s designs for the MCW ’98 website were incredible, and he chose to utilize these skills to add to the Ancrik site.

Update: Aracona is now Third of the Three.

Celeborn (Nov ’98 – Present) was the first in a series of Elves to join Ancrik. That is to say that, after the Elven breakup, several ex-Elven members became Ancrik recruits. Celeborn’s contributions to Ancrik include all of the expected skill and talent, but also he brought to us an additional strategic eye. Celeborn began ensuring that each of Ancrik’s members knew how exactly to use each strategy through the use of long, intricate emails addressed to the order as a whole.

Update: Celeborn is now Second of the Three.

Caldazar (Nov ’98 – May ’99; June ’99 – October 2000) was another of Ancrik’s members who came to join the order after participating in the Ancrik Birthday Bash.::edited by cald:: I was actually the first Elven to join ancrik::/edit:: He provided a sound playing skill for quite a time, until he resigned his position in Ancrik. It was clear that no hard feelings were felt, as he simply stated that, for him, Ancrik had become too serious about Myth. Shortly after resigning, Caldazar purchases the ancrik.com domain and server space which we currently occupy. In late June, after a brief membership in ID, Caldazar rejoined Ancrik. He has since been showing for regular meetings, actively contributing greatly to the web page, and has helped in the planning of future features. He once again resigned due to the order becoming to diverse for him and the other members no longer liked him due to his/her sex change operation.

Balefire(Nov ’98 – Present) was one of Ancrik’s most skilled players. He frequently showed his valor as our captain on the battle field. Additionally, Bale was one of the first to offer Ancrik his services as a news poster. He left Ancrik in mid June after a series of conflicts surrounding the Myth World Cup ’99 tournament, to join the DC team. His current Myth habits are a mystery.

Update: Bale’s whereabouts are no longer a mystery. He is a very active and sometimes controversial figure on bungie.net.

Phalanx (Jan ’99 – April ’99) joined Ancrik and immediately showed himself to be worthy of a position as one of our top melee players. During his stay with Ancrik, he helped to develop some of our strategies, and created a menu page for our members, vastly decreasing load time for anyone wishing to look at a single member’s information and organizing all of the random files. He left in mid April of ’99 as he began become disenchanted with Myth as a whole. It was a gesture of courtesy and respect that he didn’t wish to become another of our “dead weight” members, and the gesture was appreciated.

Wraver (March ’99 – Present) had a prominent position in the Myth community from his position at Mythology and his previous experiences with Elven. After seeing that this position was backed by a skill at Myth which was something you could really shake a stick at, we were all too happy to add him to our team. His skills with websites and Myth both promise to aid in Ancrik’s growing Myth presense.

Update: Wraver resigned sometime late in 1999..

Dark Angel (May ’99 – Present) is one of Ancrik’s newer members. He has, however, made a home for himself already by attending the nightly meetings viritually without fail and, recently, by declaring his intentions of maintaining our films page and our list of links. Additionally, Dark Angel’s contributions to the coming Myth Museum rival those of Kith, himself.

Update: DA resigned late in 1999 and now leads tDC.

Ford Prefect (May ’99 – Present) is Ancrik’s newest addition. He is already showing us his own touch of skills in Ancrik, and we’re hoping to see much more from him as he grows to become one of our power players.

Update: Ford resigned March 2000.

Spiderwort (??? ’00 – Present) a great ‘new’ addition!

Faded (??? ’00 – Present) another great ‘new’ addition, with a fine pedigree having been a longstanding member of the Companions.

Phoenix (July ’00 – Present) another great ‘new’ addition, he tried out in 1999 and was well on his way to be voted in when real life drew him away from Myth- when he returned to the scene we quickly completed his ‘admission process’ and he’s been proving his worth ever since.

Rival (July ’00 – Present) is Ancrik’s newest addition. A relative newcomer to the myth scene, every day in every way he is getting better and better! Burma Shave.

We also want to shout out to our NML2 and MWC2K “special agents” Blitzkreig, Slixter, Monk, Wark, and EastWind

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